Geoff on IPv4 Exhaustion

Frank Bulk frnkblk at
Tue Nov 22 04:09:04 CET 2011

Actually the Broadband Forum's specifications don't require the CPE to wait
for an RA before performing a DHCPv6 solicit.  If you look carefully at the
IETF RFC's, you won't find a requirement that the WAN interface MUST wait
for an RA before sending out a DHCPv6 SOLICIT.


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On Thursday 17 Nov 2011 00:02:47 Frank Bulk wrote:
> Ted:
> A significant portion of the networking world wants DHCPv6 to hand out the
default router -- and for good reasons.  This draft should move forward in
the IETF.
> Frank
In order to receive DHCPv6 configuration information, an RA *must* be sent
indicating its presence; given that you can of course put the default route
info in the RA, why do you also want routing configuration info in DHCP? if
you need to have that sort of detail, what you need is a routing protocol.

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