Geoff on IPv4 Exhaustion

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Tue Nov 22 04:09:42 CET 2011

An RA spoofer wouldn't cross L3 boundaries, which is what a DHCPv6
relay/LDRA can perform today.


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> > A significant portion of the networking world wants DHCPv6 to hand out
the default router -- and for good reasons.  This draft should move forward
in the IETF.
> > 
> In order to receive DHCPv6 configuration information, an RA *must*
> be sent indicating its presence; given that you can of course put
> the default route info in the RA, why do you also want routing
> configuration info in DHCP? if you need to have that sort of
> detail, what you need is a routing protocol.

After so many years of shouting I thought everyone was clear,
the people who want DHCP want it to control everything they don't
want RA at all so having to run RA to give clients permission
to use DHCP is thus broken, as you say if they were willing to run
RA then they'd not be needing routing info in DHCP

Of course DHCP servers could come with a spoof RA generator to
give themselves permission to be the DHCP and control everything
including default router from the DHCP box config. There's probably
some reason I've not looked for why this won't work as I'd have
expected them to have done this already as temporary fix


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