Geoff on IPv4 Exhaustion

Doug Barton dougb at
Mon Nov 21 05:13:44 CET 2011

On 11/20/2011 20:01, Erik Kline wrote:
>> For most sites that are using VPNs merely to connect internal networks
>> there won't be a need for them post-IPv6, because the internal networks
>> won't exist anymore.

I'm not sure I understand your perspective here, or what you're defining
as an "internal network." I can't imagine a future where every local
operator decides to open up every host on their network to the entire
Internet. There will always be a need for virtual networks between
remote offices of the same company for example, or between 2 companies
that have a joint project that requires sharing data.

> This is certainly an exciting opportunity for us, I think.  The return
> of end-to-end 

There isn't going to be a "return to end-to-end." Users don't want it,
and it almost certainly is not a good idea even if they did.


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