VoIPv6 provider?

Teun Vink teun at teun.tv
Fri Nov 11 14:52:59 CET 2011

On Fri, 2011-11-11 at 14:33 +0100, Dyonisius (Dick) Visser wrote:
> Hi guys
> Our office phone set-up is up for replacement.
> We've been running asterisk since 2006 but don't want to run that
> in-house any more. So I'm looking for a hosted solution where we would
> only have SIP phones that register themselves at a provider.
> This would also allow us to cancel our legacy ISDN lines.
> There a thousands of those companies, but I'm wondering if there is a
> VoIP provider out there that allows customers to connect via IPv6?
> Does anyone know of such a company - preferably in the Netherlands?


I know that speakup (http://speakup.nl) is doing some things with IPv6
(they have IPv6-space and are peering at least), not sure if they're
already offering services via IPv6 yet though, but it's worth checking
them out.

Best regards,

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