AWS announces IPv6 load balancer support

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Wed May 25 17:30:50 CEST 2011

A10 load balancers have supported IPv6 for some time.  Even better, they support IPv6 VIPs to IPv4 only servers keeping all ALG functions intact. That allowed me to deploy IPv6 to existing websites without touching the servers.
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> Coyote Point EQOS 10 (currently in open beta) supports IPv6 as well for their GX series of load balancers. Not having participated in the beta I don't know how good it is but its a good start. I was told IPv6 was one of their top most requested features. Maybe some day IPv6 will not be just "a feature" and will be a mandatory core component of any and all software that talks on the Internet like IPv4 is today. Might make for a good comedy skit, 
> "NEW and IMPROVED! Our product now features IPv4 support out of the box"
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>> "You've probably read some panic-inducing articles about the fact that the
>> Internet is running out of IP addresses! [...] We're providing this new
>> support in order to allow you to test your systems on World IPv6 day (June
>> 8, 2011)."
> COOL!  Load balancer support is a great first step to deliver IPv6 content!
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