An RFC is an RFC when it is an RFC (Was: Question Re: best practices)

Ole Troan otroan at
Mon May 9 23:07:10 CEST 2011


> rfc2460 is a draft standard that has been replaced by proposed standards
> as shown here:

please don't spread misinformation.
there are a number of different standards level RFCs. for the ones we are talking about here on the 'standards track'.
when something is first standardised it is a "Proposed standard" (6146), then if it has been shown to work, and there is enough interest to do the process work of moving it onwards it will be come "Draft standard" (2460), then the next step, and almost no standard ever makes it this far is full standard. there appears to be about 70 of these (

what exactly the RFC status of a technology has to do in this debate I'm unclear on though. so apologies for butting in.


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