Cogent and Google no longer peered via IPv6

Jan Hugo Prins jhp at
Wed May 4 22:33:32 CEST 2011


> Well, that will won't bode well for single homed Cogent customers on World
> IPv6 day, Even if Cogent can send the ICMPv6 unreachable and the customer
> doesn't filter it on the way back, I wonder how many stacks will notice
> and provide the user a good experience with Google page loads.
If you are singlehomed through Cogent you will have a problem anyway on
World IPv6 day. Cogent has only about 70% of all IPv6 routes available.
We talked about this to them one day and we got the same boilerplate
answer as Tore Anderson got on his request.

Since then we have written off Cogent as a good Transit partner and are
investigating better sollutions in our area. We have a second transit
(Equinix / Virtu (AS16243)) and they have a full table, so we are not
really in trouble at the moment.

Jan Hugo Prins

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