Facebook over IPv6

Carl Holzhauer cholzhauer at sscorp.com
Wed May 4 20:03:09 CEST 2011

I've asked this question on the HE forums...I'll let you know if I get a response

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nova-dhcp-host111:~ ryan$ host www.facebook.com 2001:470:20::2
Using domain server:
Name: 2001:470:20::2
Address: 2001:470:20::2#53

www.facebook.com has address
www.facebook.com has IPv6 address 2620:0:1cfe:face:b00c::b
nova-dhcp-host111:~ ryan$

So it looks like Hurricane Electric's resolvers for their tunnel users are able to provide IPv6 answers for facebook.com now.  Does anyone know if this is the result of a DNS whitelisting program Facebook is running (a la Google), a special arrangement with HE, or something else?  

If it is a whitelisting program, is there somewhere to submit an ASN or resolver for approval?  (some Googling turned nothing up)

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