Setting the "other-config-flag" or O-bit on a Cisco ASA

Jens Weibler jens.weibler at
Fri Mar 25 20:22:00 CET 2011

On 25.03.2011 18:24, Carl Holzhauer wrote:
> If you do the memory upgrade, you don't have to get the Cisco ram...there is a significant cost savings there.

just done the upgrade with cisco ram - don't want to risk support etc ;)

> I would highly suggest you contact your Cisco rep and request the feature; they aren't going to change any features without input from users.

I can do this. Are there any claims already formulated?
I'm currently only using the ASA for some static IPv6 routing from an 
external gw to an internal network. But the plans to rollout ipv6 are 
already there :)

One feature I justed missed is support for GRE-Tunnels (for ipv6 

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