Handing out DNS server from Cisco local pool

Ole Troan otroan at employees.org
Mon Mar 21 22:53:12 CET 2011


> Yes, that 65 was a typo. =)
> I'm using local pools for testing some DSL modems that also have an Ethernet
> port for their WAN interface.  I already use dhcpv6 relay for the IA_PD, but
> IA_NA is obtained from the local pool.  If you think that with 12.2(33)SRE2
> IA_NA should be obtainable via DHCPv6 relay, I'll rip out the local pool
> stuff and test again.

if you have dynamically allocated point to point interfaces that require a separate /64, then IA_NA is a little tricky, as there wouldn't be a way to get the connected route.

do you need to number the point to point link at all?

> Or can I use "ipv6 dhcp server <foo>" for IA_NA and dhcpv6 relay for IA_PD?


> I'm not keen on RADIUS for dynamic address allocations.  Another
> configuration element that needs to be configured and managed by our tools
> and helpdesk.  

OK. saw you used PPP, so I assumed you were also using RADIUS.


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