Test your connectivity for World IPv6 Day

Gavin McCullagh gavin.mccullagh at gcd.ie
Wed Jun 8 17:15:42 CEST 2011


On Wed, 08 Jun 2011, Nick Hilliard wrote:

> On 08/06/2011 15:57, Niall O'Reilly wrote:
> >	Apart from that, our Customer Support team has let me know that
> >	W6D has turned out to be a non-event for them.
> In terms of the goals of W6D, that equates to "resounding success" for UCD.

A still smaller data point, but for what it's worth, we have seen no issues
either.  All students and staff have v6 access for some months and most of
the public servers have AAAA records for a couple of weeks now.  The campus
is quite quiet this week, but no IPv6-related issues reported either from
internal or external users today or in those few weeks or today.


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