IPv6 PPP/RADIUS and PD on Redback SEOS 6.4.1

Arjan Van Der Oest Arjan at voiceworks.nl
Mon Feb 28 22:48:29 CET 2011


On 28Feb, 2011, at 11:16 , David Freedman wrote:
> On 20/02/11 17:48, Arjan Van Der Oest wrote:
>> Hi,
>> As a first post, I'm wondering : is there anyone out there using a SmartEdge with 6.4.1 and PPPoE?
> /me points you to http://puck.nether.net/mailman/listinfo/redback-nsp

Been there, got the shirt...

> you should be looking at 6.5 which is the first officially supported
> IPv6 BRAS release, please hit up your Ericsson AM :)

I'm currently on 6.4.1 and that should be the version that supports IPv6 more or less.

Flo wrote:

> IIRC 6.5 adds ipv6 subscriber ACLs and ipv6 local pools - so concerning PPPoE DHCP-PD
> and RS/RA not much has changed.

This is the same as I learned from the featurelist/roadmap. Particularly I'm struggling to get PD to work. My Cisco CPE sends out the Solicits over the PPP link but the SE100 doesn't seem to reply. Since my carrier doesn't officially support DHCP-PD I'm wondering wether this is because of the lack of carrier support or because SEOS lets me down. I suspect that sending the SOLICIT to ff02::1:2 directly goes into the dialer interface that carries the PPP tunnel and hence the carrier (KPN) doesn't even see this and neither would have to formally support this, am I mistaken?

On the Cisco:

035290: Feb 28 21:39:16.739: IPv6 DHCP: Sending SOLICIT to FF02::1:2 on Dialer1
035291: Feb 28 21:39:16.739: IPv6 DHCP: detailed packet contents
035292: Feb 28 21:39:16.739:   src FE80::21D:A2FF:FE27:27A0
035293: Feb 28 21:39:16.739:   dst FF02::1:2 (Dialer1)
035294: Feb 28 21:39:16.739:   type SOLICIT(1), xid 10671592
035295: Feb 28 21:39:16.739:   option ELAPSED-TIME(8), len 2
035296: Feb 28 21:39:16.739:     elapsed-time 65535
035297: Feb 28 21:39:16.739:   option CLIENTID(1), len 10
035298: Feb 28 21:39:16.739:     00030001001DA22727A0
035299: Feb 28 21:39:16.739:   option RAPID-COMMIT(14), len 0
035300: Feb 28 21:39:16.739:   option ORO(6), len 6
035301: Feb 28 21:39:16.739:     IA-PD,DNS-SERVERS,DOMAIN-LIST
035302: Feb 28 21:39:16.739:   option IA-PD(25), len 12
035303: Feb 28 21:39:16.739:     IAID 0x000E0001, T1 0, T2 0

On the SE100, blistering silence:

[INTERNET]NKH-SE2#show debug
   All debugging bits are turned on

> In case one does static subscriber addresses and no acls which is what every
> Tech Nerd wants you could be happy with 6.4 

I'm forced to use PPPoE or CLIPS as means of subscriber separation, as the carrier inserts multiple subscriber circuits into a single transport vlan. Since CLIPS is not supporting IPv6 (or IPv6 is not supporting CLIPS, if you want...) I'm forced to use PPPoE.

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