Brian E Carpenter brian.e.carpenter at
Wed Feb 16 20:50:27 CET 2011

Sad to say... this turned out to be an instrumentation
error (a bug in someone's code). False alarm, sorry.

Which makes Ignatios' information even more interesting -
we report some non-existent broken packets, and he explains
how they might have been created.

   Brian Carpenter

On 2011-02-16 23:55, Andrew Yourtchenko wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 3:52 AM, Brian E Carpenter
> <brian.e.carpenter at> wrote:
>> Has anybody here seen garbage IPv6 packets whose source address is
>> like dead:beef::, where the 32 bits are a reasonable IPv4 address?
>> That is to say, it's like an IPv4-mapped address but with the
>> bits at the wrong end, followed by 96 zeros.
>> We seem to get some of those arriving here, with valid IPv6
>> destination addresses.
> (no, but...)
> Any more details on the contents of these packets that may be willing
> to share ? Might be interesting to see how close to garbage they
> really are, as well as to examine e.g. hop count of them - this may
> give some hints...
> Would be very curious to peek at the pcap with series of these...
> cheers,
> andrew

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