"Recommendations on IPv6 Route Aggregation" (was: Re: IPv6multihoming)

George Bonser gbonser at seven.com
Wed Feb 9 08:21:10 CET 2011

> Whether you accept /48 is not a one-bit decision.  Specifically:
> - quite a few still filter more specifics from PA ranges
> - quite a few still reject /48's set aside for IX fabrics
> - almost everybody accepts /48 (or sometimes shorter) in designated PI
> ranges
> So, if you do break a PA /32 block down to smaller pieces, you should
> expect some to filter more specifics.

Maybe there needs to be a third category of addresses for the sake of
filter policy.

Provider Independent: Assigned directly to an organization
Provider Aggregated: Assigned to a provider out of which their connected
customers are assigned.
Large Organization: (for lack of a better term) Assigned to a large
multiple site organization (US Megacorp) where aggregation is not always
possible yet they are large enough for a /32 or larger but are not an
ISP and would not be expected to always be able to aggregate the space.
Maybe chunks are handed out to subsidiaries, various plants around the
world, etc.

People would 

accept down to a /48 in PI - issued in chunks of /48 or larger
accept down to a /32 in PA - issued in chunks of /32 or larger
accept down to a /48 in LO - issued in chunks of /32 or larger

That is assuming that allocations of /32 or larger are currently not
made out of PI space but are made out of PA space but not everyone
needing a /32 or larger would be a "provider" that could aggregate the
space.  People could still choose not to accept a /48 out of PA space as
that is supposed to be "aggregated" and large organization allocations
would not eat up all of PI space yet get their smaller announcements

Are allocations larger than /32 being made out of PI space?

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