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On Mon, Feb 07, 2011 at 09:23:15AM -0500, Jared Mauch wrote:
> Anyone gotten the MacOS PPTP/VPN client to obtain an IPv6 address?  I'm using a Cisco router on the other end, and am looking for anything obvious i'm missing.  It appears to be sending the traffic out the virtual-access interface just fine, but I'm not seeing an IPv6 address on the ppp0 interface.
> - Jared
> interface Virtual-Template1
>  ip unnumbered FastEthernet2/0
>  ipv6 unnumbered FastEthernet2/0
>  ipv6 enable
>  ipv6 nd reachable-time 30
>  no ipv6 nd suppress-ra

Are you actually seeing RAs with a prefix being sent out by the Cisco?

I'm wondering whether the combination with "ipv6 unnumbered" might 
make the Cisco consider the interface as "there's no prefix here" so
it will only announce a "naked" RA...

We use radius to stick IPv6 prefixes to virtual-interface interfaces,
so I'm not sure whether this...

>  peer default ip address pool DIAL-IN
>  peer default ipv6 pool DIAL-IN6

... would achieve the same job (grab a /64, stick it on the vif,
send out proper RAs).

I'd tcpdump to be sure :-)

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