IPv6 teredo blackout June 8th

Martin Millnert martin at millnert.se
Wed Feb 2 21:16:00 CET 2011


as others have pointed out, content providers dual-stacking their
frontend web servers is a non-issue for Teredo relays in terms of change
of traffic load. Will have no impact.

What can impact the load on Teredo relays is a change in behavior of
people using any form of native or tunneled IPv6 connectivity, primarily
in IP address-based host-to-host connections, and of course a change in
the amount of operating Teredo relays itself.


On Wed, 2011-02-02 at 11:05 +0100, Phil wrote:
> Guys,
> I want to open up a discussion on the potential failure of the teredo
> relays around the world on IPv6 day and anything we can do to mitigate
> it.
> June 8th IPv6 world day all major services come online, and within the
> network I architect that would increase my traffic, in estimate, to
> 40-60 gig.
> Our traffic flows through two relay servers in switzerland at present
> that have gone down 3 times in the last 14 months.
> Some windows platforms have teredo enabled by default.
> AAAA is preferred over A.
> That would indicate all IPv6 traffic would be preferred through the
> teredo tunnel with obvious capacity and relay throughput issues
> suddenly with no way of controlling the customer subs once the DNS
> entry comes up.
> Thoughts and mitigation?
> Cheers,
> Phil

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