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Dick Visser visser at terena.org
Tue Dec 27 19:54:33 CET 2011

I just had a look at the Ubuntu archives mirror list but there is no
information on IPv6 listed there:


I created a small script that parses this page, checks if the mirror
has an IPv6 address, and then outputs the 'enhanced' page:


Interesting results, I didn't do a count but it looks like roughly one
third of them can do IPv6.
I'll mail the Ubuntu mirrors team to see if this information can be
added to the original mirrors page.


On 27 December 2011 18:09, Jared Mauch <jared at puck.nether.net> wrote:
> On Dec 27, 2011, at 11:43 AM, Antonio Querubin wrote:
>> For freebsd, it would also be good to get freshports.org dual-stacked.
> Beware FreeBSD w/ IPv6 as it may return misleading errors in some cases for IPv6:
> http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=156684
> - Jared

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