Windows Vista / 7 - pure IPv6 (NATPT)

Brandon Applegate brandon at
Wed Sep 1 19:44:13 CEST 2010

Okay.  I guess I'm a bit sloppy in my terminology.  I don't know the 
difference between NATPT and NAT64.  I've read through some of Ivan P.'s 
stuff on his blog but I guess it didn't sink in.

Nevertheless, like I said, using Linux as a client this works 100% of the 
time.  I get DNS failures in Windows 7.  This is actually using 'resolver 
code' (browser/ ping) as opposed to a manual nslookup.  Eventually it 
works.  I need to set up a sniffer I guess, but my gut feeling is that 
queries are not leaving the machine to begin with.

Just looking for someone to say this should be working / should NOT be 
working / might work N percent of the time.

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