In an IPv6 future, how will you solve IPv4 connectivity?

Mikael Abrahamsson swmike at
Tue Oct 12 01:37:23 CEST 2010

On Mon, 11 Oct 2010, Gert Doering wrote:

> People buy new cell phones all the time.  And a fairly large number of 
> cell phones already support IPv6 *today* (almost everything Nokia ships, 
> at least, dunno about the rest).

So, N900 still doesn't without hacking things under the bonnet (and its 
connection manager can't be configured for IPv6 only, you have to 
piggy-back a second IPv6-APN on an IPv4 one). Symbian, yes. What about all 
the other phones, the cheaper ones (non smart-phones)? I don't know, but I 
doubt it.

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