Server addressing for renumbering ease

Ben Jencks ben at
Sat Nov 6 06:50:29 CET 2010

According to [1], they used EUI-64 addressing on their servers so that
they could renumber easily. The common objection to that is that you
wouldn't want to change DNS anytime you swapped a NIC (and thus a mac
address). The obvious alternative is static addressing, but that makes
renumbering a pain. There's also DDNS, but that seems like a bigger
headache than either of the above [2]. What are people here doing?

Some other options:
 * Solaris lets you configure just the host-part, and it takes the
network-part from RAs. This seems ideal, but it only works on solaris.
 * Use a configuration management system (puppet, chef, cfengine, etc)
to assign addresses, so you can do find/replace in one place during
renumbering. This would require being very careful as you risk
breaking the connection to the config server itself.

I know it's an old topic, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of
guidance around. If there's a consensus I can see about making a page

[2] You can give each server only the ability to update its own name,
but you have to give them all free reign over the reverse zone. Seems
like a security nightmare. Alternatively you can do it through DHCP,
but then you're back to mac-address dependence (client-identifier is
configurable, therefore not trustworthy).


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