On killing IPv6 transition mechanisms

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Mon Mar 22 15:43:39 CET 2010

>  > Also, lobby your government. The federal government in 
> Russia has  > been taking several actions recently to improve 
> the high tech  > economy. I believe that some of these 
> actions involve IPv6.
> 	Unfortunately, the politicians don't do computer networks.
> 	And one doesn't get anything hi-tech by words alone.  There
> 	should be some people experienced in the problem as well.

It looks like politicians in Minkomsvyaz are already listening
<http://minkomsvjaz.ru/news/xPages/entry.9469.html> and the 
next dialog with the EU is at the end of April. Maybe you should
ask colleagues on the EU side of the dialog to communicate the
importance of IPv6 development in the regions, not just in Moscow
and Piter. The federal government has already invested a lot in 
putting sites like <http://www.gosuslugi.ru/> on the Internet. In
order to benefit from that investment, they also need to invest 
in widespread Internet access in smaller towns and villages.

And it is not only the Internet in Russia that is changing
address formats

The fact is that to get the Internet rolled out to the rest of 
the world's population we need IPv6 everywhere. Only IPv6 provides
enough address space to do the job, and if politicians and business
people don't yet understand this, *WE* the knowledgable experts
have to tell them. It's the same in every country.

--Michael Dillon

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