On killing IPv6 transition mechanisms

Ivan Shmakov ivan at main.uusia.org
Sun Mar 21 13:48:41 CET 2010

>>>>> michael.dillon at bt.com writes:


 >> With regards to leaving this ISP and looking for another, the state
 >> of the local market seemed (the last time I've checked it) so
 >> bitter, that I've chosen to make a deal with an ISP in another city
 >> instead, connecting to them with OpenVPN.

 > Hopefully the other city is Novosibirsk, the 3rd largest in the
 > Russian Federation.

	Actually, no.

	However, the state of the local Internet access market was in a
	constant change throughout the last ten years or so.  (Before
	that, Internet access was, to my perception, quite expensive for
	the “mere humans”.)

	In particular, one of the local ISP's has recently offered twice
	the bandwidth I have for almost the same price, and they claim
	to offer a routable IPv4 for free as well.  However, the area
	for which the offer is valid is very limited at this moment.


 > Also, lobby your government. The federal government in Russia has
 > been taking several actions recently to improve the high tech
 > economy. I believe that some of these actions involve IPv6.

	Unfortunately, the politicians don't do computer networks.

	And one doesn't get anything hi-tech by words alone.  There
	should be some people experienced in the problem as well.

 > But one thing is certain, the federal government is ready to listen
 > to people who have suggestions that can help grow the high tech
 > economy in Russia. You shouldn't have to move to a city like
 > Akademgorodok or Nizhniy Novgorod to participate.

	Well, I think that I could say that I participate, to some
	extent, in such an “activity”.  But then, I actually had to
	visit Akademgorodok twice over the past 6 months, and will
	probably have to have a trip or two in the near future.

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