VM systems and IPv6?

Shaun Ewing s.ewing at aussiehq.com.au
Thu Mar 18 07:06:39 CET 2010

On 18/03/10 4:49 PM, "Phil Pennock" <ipv6-ops+phil at spodhuis.org> wrote:

> How common is it these days to have people using Windows under VMs?

We have an extensive Vmware Vsphere setup, with a native IPv6 network and a
substantial number of Windows VMs running IPv6.

No issues there (and we've been doing this since our network core went v6
native in Feb 2008).

> How common is it for VM virtual bridges to somehow be breaking IPv6?

On enterprise kit I'm yet to see it.

You did however mention Parallels. Most Mac users in our company (including
myself) have Parallels running with a Windows VM to access some Windows only

I have one running Windows XP, which works fine with IPv6 (albeit on
Parallels 4), eg:

The only thing I would suggest - make sure you're using "Bridged Ethernet".
Shared Networking does not work.

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