On killing IPv6 transition mechanisms

Tore Anderson tore.anderson at redpill-linpro.com
Tue Mar 16 21:30:28 CET 2010

* Pete French

> Well, I can go ahead and do this, but it looks like it's been made 
> somewhat iunnecessary by the subsequent posting of the link to the
> OSX brokenness, which does exactly that kind of tracing.
> I can still do it though if you want some confirmation ?

Unless you're able to test with OS X earlier than 10.6, I don't think
there's any point.  But if you have anything earlier than that, it would
be nice to find out the reason why it seems to (sometimes?) prefer 6to4
over IPv4 - as I pointed out in another message there appears to be two
distinct cases of IPv6 misbehavour in OS X, the link describes only one
of them.

>> If you're able to break 6to4 on purpose (e.g. dropping all
>> proto-41 packets on the FreeBSD box), how does that change your
>> browsing experience?  Does dualstacked sites appear to be down or
>> sluggish?
> That I can do when I get home (similar setup to the work network, but
> I can turn stuff off with disrupting peoples work).

Great!  No rush.  :-)  Breaking IPv6/6to4 for OS X isn't really a
problem for me/my customers if OS X able to gracefully fail back to IPv4
without the user noticing.

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