On killing IPv6 transition mechanisms

Pete French pete at twisted.org.uk
Tue Mar 16 17:47:28 CET 2010

> Basically to go to dualstacked destinations (www.ripe.net and
> www.ipv6.org are especially nice as they'll echo your source address
> back to you) and see if it'll connect by using IPv6/6to4 or IPv4.  Or if
> it changes depending on which DNS response comes back first as you say,
> you should be able to determine that by tcpdumping your port 53/udp traffic.

Well, I can go ahead and do this, but it looks like it's been made
somewhat iunnecessary by the subsequent posting of the link to
the OSX brokenness, which does exactly that kind of tracing.

I can still do it though if you want some confirmation ?

> If you're able to break 6to4 on purpose (e.g. dropping all proto-41
> packets on the FreeBSD box), how does that change your browsing
> experience?  Does dualstacked sites appear to be down or sluggish?

That I can do when I get home (similar setup to the work network,
but I can turn stuff off with disrupting peoples work).


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