Experiences with mobile devices ?

Marco Hogewoning marcoh at marcoh.net
Tue Mar 16 09:28:27 CET 2010

Hi All,

In an attempt to get a large and populair Dutch website available on IPv6 we get feedback that espcially mobile devices have trouble reaching their site. The problem itself is not new, neither is the solution. It's caused by clients thinking they have IPv6 but in fact they don't and people should either turn off IPv6 or fix their connection.

But his is not what I'm after. What strikes me is that they list mobile as a specific problem area. I have seen a report in which the Samsung I600 running windows 5.0 causes problems while connected to wifi. Is there anybody who has such a phone who can confim it is broken by default ?

Further I'm curious wether the 0.08% Google claims stays the same when you run into a a lot of mobile clients or does this grow bigger. Does anybody know wether there are figures available on this topic, or does anybody have a bright idea on how to measure this ?

This site does weather forecasts so they are likely to have an above average number of mobile clients connecting, at the same time I'm not sure wether it really is a problem with mobile or it' just a combination of bad luck and statistics the complaints are about mobile.


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