On killing IPv6 transition mechanisms

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Mon Mar 15 09:19:31 CET 2010

> to put it bluntly: if you don't get IPv6 from your SP, then 
> don't bother. you are doing more harm to IPv6 deployment than good.

15 years ago I was in the same position as Ivan, and did basically
the same thing, i.e. get low grade connectivity using 56K frame relay
for TCP/IP and UUNet over dialup. This soon evolved into the first
ISP for my region.

Weighing the pros and the cons, I think that it is better for Ivan
to continue even if he does damage IPv6 deployment a little bit,
because in the longer run he will have a new ISP running in Barnaul
and perhaps even have a model that others can copy in other towns.

The Russian Federation is a huge country and has the same Internet
coverage problems that we still have in many parts of Canada, and
in some rural areas of the USA.

If these places can bootstrap IPv6 at the same time as they botstrap
Internet connectivity, then it is better for all of us.

--Michael Dillon

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