On killing IPv6 transition mechanisms

Alex Broque broquea at he.net
Sun Mar 14 19:39:14 CET 2010

Ivan Shmakov wrote:
> 	I know the difference.  The problem is that HE.net offers just a
> 	few /64, and I need somewhat larger address space.  And they
> 	don't seem to offer reverse DNS, which is available for 6to4.
Just want to clarify some points. We've offered reverse DNS delegation 
for the /64 statically routed subnet since at least 2003, although it 
was a lot more manual configuration on our side back then. Then the /48 
subnets since early 2008, which ushered in a more automated process for 
delegation for both /64 and /48 subnets. And yes, those are the only 
subnets that the user gets delegation control over.
> 	Well, it seems that HE.net operates a 6to4 relay that's open for
> 	those subscribed to their 6in4 service.
These are actually publicly available relays, and not limited to our 
tunnelbroker.net users. Those users obviously would be using static 
tunnels from that service, not tunnels based on the 6to4 well known 
anycasted ranges.


 - Alex

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