On killing IPv6 transition mechanisms

Ivan Shmakov ivan at main.uusia.org
Sun Mar 14 19:22:58 CET 2010

>>>>> Bjørn Mork <bjorn at mork.no> writes:
>>>>> Ivan Shmakov <ivan at main.uusia.org> writes:

 >> I know the difference.  The problem is that HE.net offers just a few
 >> /64, and I need somewhat larger address space.  And they don't seem
 >> to offer reverse DNS, which is available for 6to4.

 > This is not correct.  HE offer both routed /64s and /48s with
 > delegated reverse DNS.

	Nice to see they do it now; it wasn't the case when I began to
	explore IPv6 half a year ago.

	Okay, seemingly, that means that I need no 6to4 now.  (What I
	need is some assistance in migrating a dozen of hosts or so, as
	well as a few DNS domains, to the new addresses.)

 > They do not offer reverse DNS delegation for the tunnel prefixes.
 > Neither do SIXXS.  And that makes sense, IMHO.

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