On killing IPv6 transition mechanisms

Ole Troan otroan at employees.org
Sun Mar 14 13:57:47 CET 2010

>>> I wonder, how no connectivity could be better than some?
>> because content providers measure the difference between IPv4 and
>> IPv6 behaviour for dual stack hosts. if the number of hosts with
>> broken IPv6 connectivity or with significantly worse latency than
>> IPv4, they will not enable IPv6.
>> to put it bluntly: if you don't get IPv6 from your SP, then don't
>> bother. you are doing more harm to IPv6 deployment than good.
> 	Would I bother not, who will?

there are lots of things you can do. make sure you're own network is IPv6 enabled, including hosts, applications, services, management..., nag your SP about IPv6.

most of the SPs I talk with are thinking hard about IPv6 now, and I hope we'll start to see some big deployments during this year and next. that's a biased view though, since I'm only speak with people interested in IPv6. ;)


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