On killing IPv6 transition mechanisms

Ivan Shmakov ivan at main.uusia.org
Sun Mar 14 08:15:14 CET 2010

>>>>> Martin Millnert <martin at millnert.se> writes:
>>>>> Nick Hilliard wrote:
>>>>> Erik Kline wrote:

 >>> Not to be too snarky, but how about 0?  Just let 6to4 die.  Please,
 >>> please, please don't waste any time with 6to4.

 >> +1

 > Well, if providing 6to4 relays for the gigabits upon gigabits of 6to4
 > IPv6 traffic there is on the Internet is actually harmful for the
 > deployment of IPv6, we'd gladly stop to provide the service. Same for
 > the Teredo relay we run, which considering your stance on providing
 > 6to4 relays, I'm sure you are ten times as eager to kill off. :)

 > However, let's be practical here for a while.

 > If nobody provided neither 6to4 relays nor Teredo relays, 95%
 > (statistics made up on the spot, but prove me wrong) of IPv6 traffic
 > today would disappear, surely including breakage of ~all IPv6 hosted
 > sites for end-users.

	Oh, guys, it seems to me that most of the better part of the
	world is surely ready to switch to native IPv6.

	However, what about the locations as distant as 83° E 53° W?
	There, I'm a customer of an ISP that offers a NAT-based service,
	so I, and their other customers, have no (Internet-routable)
	IPv4 address, let alone IPv6.  Thanks to the brave old RFC 1918!

	Or, actually, they began to offer static Internet-routable IPv4
	somewhat recently.  Alas, this service is based on NAT, too, so
	neither 6to4, 6in4 or Teredo (unless relayed.)

	With regards to leaving this ISP and looking for another, the
	state of the local market seemed (the last time I've checked it)
	so bitter, that I've chosen to make a deal with an ISP in
	another city instead, connecting to them with OpenVPN.

	With that, and a few IPv4 I now have, I was able to get into
	IPv6, thanks to both HE.net and 6to4.  And my coworkers are in
	the deal, too.

	Now, given the story above, are you sure that the world at large
	is ready for the transition mechanisms to be shut down?


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