The use of RIPng

Nick Hilliard nick at
Wed Jun 2 22:03:24 CEST 2010

On 01/06/2010 21:56, Benedikt Stockebrand wrote:
> Beyond that, your RIP configuration apparently works, but your OSPF
> one doesn't---maybe in the future you could try them out first, before
> publicly posting them.  I have taken the liberty to dump your
> configuration into a toy 1812W, running 12.4(15)T1, just to make sure
> that I didn't just imagine the obvious error.  But I got what I
> expected when I actually checked things:
>     Router#show ip ospf 1 
>     %OSPF: Router process 1 is not running, please configure a router-id
>     Router#

PRO TIP: a router with no IP address configured on any interface won't run


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