announcing DNS64-NAT64 opensource implementations

Marc Blanchet marc.blanchet at
Tue Feb 9 00:17:24 CET 2010

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This is to announce the availability of two NAT64-DNS64 open-source
implementations by Viagenie, as follows:

  this implementation of NAT64 is made by modifying the PF packet filter
available on BSD systems. A new 'nat64' statement is created in the
pf.conf file to enable the nat64 functionality.

Linux Netfilter:
The implementation of NAT64 for linux is available as a kernel module.
It uses Netfilter's facilities for packet interception.  The
configuration is done with parameters provided at module insertion.

As announced in july 2009 during IETF Stockholm, the companion DNS64
functionality is also available in two implementations, as follows:

  this implementation of DNS64 is made by modifying the BIND DNS server.
A new "dns64-prefix" statement in options is created in the named.conf
file to enable DNS64 functionality.

  this implementation of DNS64 is made by adding a module to the Unbound
DNS server. To enable the DNS64 functionality, the module should be
declared and the dns64-prefix statement should be added in the
unbound.conf file.

The two functionalities (NAT64 and DNS64) make a complete system for
translating IPv6-IPv4 packets. The source code, some pre-compiled
packages and project description are available at:

This project was funded by NLNet foundation
and Viagenie.

We are looking for feedback, patches, suggestions from the community.


Marc Blanchet, Simon Perreault, Jean-Philippe Dionne

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