Paul Timmins paul at
Thu Feb 4 22:53:27 CET 2010

Erik Kline wrote:
>> I tried firewalling away my IPv4 connectivity and used a non-local,
>> dual-stacked, DNS resolver to browse the page and it sort-of works.
>> Front page looks kind-of stupid (some elements missing), but it is
>> possible to view videos, etc. :)
> Any idea which hostnames aren't dualstacked or, more precisely, what is missing?
I noticed gmail's SMTP servers aren't v6 reachable. I'm curious how much 
IPv6 SMTP would flow worldwide if they were.
>> So you IPv6 ninjas over at Google, what's next? :)
> More.  :)
>> Achieving support of single-stack IPv6 users should be the long-term
>> goal, I presume.
>> Dare you answer at all re: the DNS infrastructure? :)
> The existing whitelist program is not a long term solution, as many
> have noted.  I wouldn't worry too much about it affecting any
> potential future DNSSEC support of Google domains.
Curiosity, is it easy to get whitelisted on some test servers to see how 
things go, then expand it to others? Do I have to meet Google at an 
exchange point or is the fact I have native connectivity good enough?


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