Cisco LAC/LNS question

Garry Glendown garry at
Fri Dec 31 17:00:14 CET 2010


seeing this thread, I was wondering ... we have our LAC/LNS working fine
so far, even with v6, but we have only tested with Cisco CPEs for now
... on the LNS side, I took this road:

interface Virtual-Template1
 ipv6 unnumbered Loopback1
 ipv6 enable
 ipv6 mtu 1480
 ipv6 nd reachable-time 30
 no ipv6 nd ra suppress
 peer default ip address pool dsl-pool
 peer default ipv6 pool dslv6-pool

With a CPE that has ipv6 enabled on the dialer, an address is assigned
correctly, and the CPE is reachable via v6 just fine.

>From some comments or how-tos I saw at other places, I take it this way
will not necessarily work with any v6-capable CPE. E.g., Fredy Künzler
held a nice presentation at DENOG#2, which showed the DHCPv6 usage (

So what's the recommended way of handing out dynamic IPs to customers?
Can both the "Cisco way" I used and DHCPv6 be combined with the CPE just
using either which one suits them?


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