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Fri Dec 24 20:34:27 CET 2010

Hurricane Electric runs globally distributed dual stack caching 
resolvers at:


We also offer free IPv6 authorative DNS:


On 12/23/10 4:40 PM, Tord Førland wrote:
> Hi guys!
> As I was testing out Googles new free DNS server today, I noticed that it lacks IPv6 connectivity.
> > From their FAQ;
> Q: Does Google Public DNS support IPv6?
> A: Google Public DNS can respond to requests for IPv6 addresses (AAAA requests), but it does not yet support native IPv6 transport and cannot talk to IPv6-only authoritative nameservers. Clients should use IPv4 network connections to use Google Public DNS.
> Are there others out there that may be reached via IPv6? Nice to have, when testing IPv6-only networks..
> ... or perhaps the Google Santa will bring us something? Who knows..
> Seasonal greetings to all of you, and great work spreading the v6-love!
> Best Regards,
> Tord Førland
> E-mail: tord.forland at | Cell: (+47) 92424976

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