IPv6 success

Frank Bulk - iName.com frnkblk at iname.com
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Typo: DIR-615, not 601.  So sorry.

I haven't used the DIR-615 for extended periods, so I can't comment on
reliability.  Which hardware version are you running, E?

What about IRB is broken -- I have a bit of that, so I'd like to break it,
if possible, too.  Did your try 12.2(33)SRE2?


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Does the DIR-601 activate all of the access control/network filters
and other who-ha when it's routing IPv6?  The manual for it fails
to mention this.

I have a DIR-615 - what a POS.  The wireless transmitter locks up about
once every couple weeks - and that's on dd-wrt firmware.  Under the 
d-link firmware it locked up once or twice a day.  That kind of soured 
me for d-link products but dammit, the specs on the 601 are very 
attractive as it supports IPv6-over-IPv4 tunnels and appears to be one
of the few consumer CPE's out there that does.   In our case we run
IRB and IPv6 is busted in that until IOS 15, so until we forklift out
gear, we have to tunnel.  (and we won't be throwing away perfectly
working gear anytime soon.)  The one advantage of tunnelling though is
that I don't have to depend on Cisco's iffy IPv6 support, I terminate
the tunnels on a PC router, not on a Cisco.

$120 for a DIR-825 is gonna be out of the question but Walmart and
Office Depot have sold the DIR-601 for $30 which is more like it.  I
just hate the idea though of buying a box that won't run dd-wrt
because if the factory firmware is crappy then you have a brick.

(people have actually got the openwrt-ar71xx-dir-600-a1 firmware
to work on the 601 but none of the lights work, and they have got
dd-wrt to run on it but the wireless radio doesn't work)


> Kind regards,
> Frank

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