Thoughts about ipv6 white listing

Tore Anderson tore.anderson at
Sun Dec 5 00:27:05 CET 2010

* Mikael Abrahamsson

> Thanks, but what I had in mind wasn't really for me, but for "us"
> (everybody here) to try major sites to implement into their code, so
> it'd need to be written up by someone who understand how webmasters work
> and what information they need.
> So, a bit more polished and "packaged". I'm going to pitch the idea to
> some other people as well and see if someone might bite and do some work
> in this area...

Not sure how much more pre-packaged you can make it, really...

First, you'll need someone to host the test elements, preferably the web
site operator itself.  However, I can probably do it as a community
service for small and medium-sized web sites if people would want that.

Second, you need a warning box/banner that fits with the site's
graphical profile.  You can't pre-package that, really, since both the
text and the layout will differ from site to site, and it'll probably
tie into some pre-existing framework anyway.

The rest is good to go, I think.  It worked for me, anyway.  I set up
the hosting of the test elements (the 1x1 PNGs) and gave the VG
webmasters the JavaScript, saying «here's he code, you just need to put
whatever you want in the if(v4_ok == 3 && ds_ok == 0) { ... } code block
to put up a suitable warning box/banner», and they did just that.  If
you intentionally break your IPv6 and go visit right now
you'll see the result.

In any case, I'll be happy to help out any way I can if any other sites
are interested in putting up something like this, too.  Let me know.

Best regards,
Tore Anderson
Redpill Linpro AS -
Tel: +47 21 54 41 27

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