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Martin List-Petersen martin at
Fri May 15 21:15:56 CEST 2009

Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
>> The better solution here is to offer them 6in4 tunnels. 
>> Basically a tunnelbroker setup. We have a SixXS PoP in house, 
>> that allows for static, dynamic or AYIYA (nat-piercing) 
>> tunnels. 
> What do you use for this, Linux on a PC or a hardware device
> of some sort?

A lot of devices support 6in4 tunnels. For SixXS we use a Linux based
box.  Cisco does 6in4, too, just not the nat-piercing protocol.

>> The difference to 6to4 is, that there is a common 
>> translation point: our PoP.
>> The tunnel could worst case be initiated from their PC.
> My preference is to do as little as possible on the end user
> host.  What works the best is if you can tell them to open a command
> prompt and ping w.x.y.z  or ping 2001:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx  whatever
> and have that work.  If we have to get beyond doing that, it's
> money lost (both labor and overhead) on 
> a connectivity issue that could end up being that their kids
> downloaded some porno the night before the put a trojan on
> their PC.  Or, they didn't enable automatic updates and their
> system got a virus.
> The cheap residential router with native IPv6 is really the best solution.
> We recommend these for every IPv4 customer, including the ones with a
> single PC.  On occasion we get a call from a customer who has a
> system that is literally so crapped up that it cannot even ping
> the local router anymore.  Believe it or not it is actually
> cheaper for a tech to stop by their house, plug in a laptop
> to the router, demonstrate the circuit and Internet works perfectly,
> then leave them to decide where they are going to take their
> PC to get it decontaminated.  At most, one of those stops takes
> 20 minutes, plus maybe another 10 minutes on the initial call
> that determines they are a hopeless case.  Over the phone I've seen
> these support calls stretch over an hour or more.

Again, OpenWRT, DD-WRT etc. support 6in4 also. So you could initiate the
6in4 tunnel from a router like that and give the customer on the
lan-port native. Same issue as before though.

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