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I've looked at OpenWRT and in fact I even set aside a spare WRT to load it.
when I found myself referring back to the dd-wrt website for instructions on
openwrt I put that project on the back burner.  The dd-wrt people seem to
have a lot
better handle on basics like different hardware revisions of the linksys
devices will
require different flashing procedures, and bugs exist that are tickled on
some hardware
platforms but not others.
openwrt is kind of like the tomato project - they assume everyone has the
exact same
box.  I would still like to try it out one of these days, but the openwrt
people really need
to clean that mess of a website of theirs up because right now it's
extremely time
consuming to find out anything about the project from it.
As far as difficulty of configuring dd-wrt, that's not really a concern
since it's only difficult
to figure out how to configure it the first time - after that, you have a
template you work from
and you just clone the configuration from box to box, and the only real
concern is the amount
of time you spend modifying the off-the-shelf box to the preconfigured box
that your selling
to your customers.  It doesn't bother me if the end users
can't make head or tail out of a command line, in fact that's probably a
good thing since it
will keep them out of the box and keep them from messing it up.
What matters the most here is reliability and price.  I've got a $49.95
dd-wrt box at home
with a 250 day uptime that used to have an average 7-day uptime before I
loaded dd-wrt on it.
That's a terrifically powerful argument to using it.


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> >OpenWRT and DD-WRT (haven't looked at them lately) offer
> IPv6, but no
> >GUI configuration for it.
> DD-WRT dumped IPv6 support years ago (after v22; current is
> v24), citing lack of space

Only in the micro loads.  

I'm no DD-WRT expert, but having recently jumped through the hoops to get a
tunnel up and running, I think it's important to point out what qualifies as
IPv6 support in DD-WRT... It's not pretty, it's not point and click, and you
won't be configuring it from the GUI.

The v24 IPv6 support means that the required kernel modules are available to
load (by you), routes can be configured (manually), and you can get IPv6
working without having to recompile the firmware. For an example of the type
of configuration required, see this post: 

For a service provider, you'd might as well go back to OpenWRT and start
there for R&D. As an "early adopting" home user, I'm planning on getting an
Alix box up and running: I'd rather be using OpenBSD/pf anyways. Embedded
devices are only fun to play with for so long, unless you like jffs and
praying to the gods for an extra kilobyte or two.


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