Question about 6to4

niels=cluenet at niels=cluenet at
Fri May 15 20:21:48 CEST 2009

>> DD-WRT dumped IPv6 support years ago (after v22; current is 
>> v24), citing lack of space

* tedm at (Ted Mittelstaedt) [Fri 15 May 2009, 19:48 CEST]:
>Only in the micro loads.

Actually, no:

Although support was recently reintroduced for the bigger builds 
according to other posts in that forum, 
but I cannot verify that on any std image of DD-WRT I have running 
(as in: no file on the FS with ipv6 in its name).  And of course 
you can build your own custom firmware based on it.  Or hack a bit:

>Linksys then proceeded to release a version of the 54G with model # of 
>wrt54GL  (trailing L) that retained the 4MB of flash, this was aimed 
>at dd-wrt users.  While it doesn't cost more, it is never sold through 
>retail so your never going to see it discounted with an on-sale price 
>like you see the 54G on sale from time to time.

It is easily available here in western Europe though does generally cost 
more (EUR 70 vs 50, generally).  Of course, these days nobody buys non-N 
anymore so *shrug*

	-- Niels.

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