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Martin List-Petersen martin at
Fri May 15 20:45:28 CEST 2009

Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> Your missing the point.  To put it very simply, it is clear in looking
> at 6to4 that there is at least equally if not more work involved in
> making a 6to4 private relay a supported product offering than just making
> native IPv6 a supported product offering.

Correct. It's not in any way or will ever be a supported product offering.

The only ISP that has gone down to route (so far and hopefully it'll
stay like that) is and that's because they changed it in a way
where they were using their own brand CPE and their own prefix for the
adressing only using the 6to4 mechanisms. Essentially staying in charge
of both ends of the translation. It's called 6rd.


> Beyond that, from a business point of view I don't give a rat's ass if
> customers we have now are currently running
> 6to4.  They are doing this to get access to IPv6, and I'm pretty confident
> that any of them who are doing this will immediately chuck out that 6to4
> stuff when they know they can get native IPv6.

There is no way from a business perspective to support 6to4. Everybody
who has tried to look at it should know that. It's a best effort, no
SLA, service, that allows users, who don't have the choice of native
IPv6 to get using IPv6. That's all and nothing else.

> The only possible stumbling block would be is if the router they are using
> doesn't route IPv6 natively and only supports 6to4.  But if that is the
> case,
> then our decision is that they can either toss away the router they have
> and get one that supports native routing, whereupon they can get support
> from
> us, or they can continue to use 6to4 and NOT get any support from us.

The better solution here is to offer them 6in4 tunnels. Basically a
tunnelbroker setup. We have a SixXS PoP in house, that allows for
static, dynamic or AYIYA (nat-piercing) tunnels. The difference to 6to4
is, that there is a common translation point: our PoP.

The tunnel could worst case be initiated from their PC.

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