Question about 6to4

Kevin Loch kloch at
Fri May 15 07:00:39 CEST 2009

Steve Wilcox wrote:

> Thats one of the downsides with 6to4 - the packet may go in the wrong 
> direction in v6 before passing through the relay and then heading in the 
> opposite direction to find the v4 endpoint.

This is why it is best for both ends to be as close to a relay as
possible.  Route efficiency should be vastly better for the "real"
endpoint IPs than for the few public relays that will likely involve a
significant detour.

I can't recommend the proliferation of public relays as they
cause more problems than they solve.  Private relays are another
story as they help mitigate the problems of the anycast relays.  If
every service provider ran private 6to4 relays for their customers
it would be a Good Thing.

- Kevin

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