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Martin List-Petersen martin at
Fri May 15 01:45:43 CEST 2009

Alan Batie wrote:
> Martin List-Petersen wrote:
>> So. We'll have to push the vendors to fix that gap and ask over and over
>> and over again for IPv6 support. Eventually, they will listen.
> It seems to me we're at the egg phase of the chicken problem.  At the
> moment, the only "reason" for a residential customer to adopt ipv6 is
> because it's cool and geeky.  There's not much they can actually do with
> it (even google's site breaks when you have a custom home page there,
> and you don't stay in v6 land long when you use it).  The linksys GL
> with ddwrt isn't a bad solution for the early adopter phase we're in,
> and once enough of those are on board you demonstrate a market for the
> vendors to get on board.

There are a few more. m0n0wall will run on pretty much any x86 based
platform and you can configure IPv6 via GUI, it does 6to4, native, 6in4
and SixXS dynamic tunnels, not ayiya, too.

OpenWRT and DD-WRT (haven't looked at them lately) offer IPv6, but no
GUI configuration for it.

There are certain exception releases of routers that do, like the D-Link
DIR-615 rev: C1 (and yes, it's not in rev B or rev D)

The Apple Airport Xtreme does it .. again .. that's the $80+ range and
well, as of recent the lab firmware for the AVM Fritz! routers, but they
are well over $80+

In the end, it could maybe be worth to take the approach like Fon, with
the Fonero routers, that are just the Atheros platform, a modified
version of OpenWRT with custom webinterface, get IPv6 support in there
and get somebody to manufacture a bunch of'em.

Hell .. maybe we should ask Fon to implement V6 in their Fonero and in
return give every user a Fonero with hotspot facility for Fon :)

No, honestly, it is matter of fact just the question of volume. Once one
of the larger ISPs takes the step, it'll be there. unfortunately
had their own platform already, so that didn't benefit the market.

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