Question about 6to4

Alan Batie alan.batie at
Fri May 15 01:34:16 CEST 2009

Martin List-Petersen wrote:

> So. We'll have to push the vendors to fix that gap and ask over and over
> and over again for IPv6 support. Eventually, they will listen.

It seems to me we're at the egg phase of the chicken problem.  At the
moment, the only "reason" for a residential customer to adopt ipv6 is
because it's cool and geeky.  There's not much they can actually do with
it (even google's site breaks when you have a custom home page there,
and you don't stay in v6 land long when you use it).  The linksys GL
with ddwrt isn't a bad solution for the early adopter phase we're in,
and once enough of those are on board you demonstrate a market for the
vendors to get on board.
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