Cannot assign requested address

Leo Baltus Leo.Baltus at
Fri May 1 17:04:31 CEST 2009


We are trying to set up services using home-brewed scripts to set-up
ipv6 adresses and bind services to them, just as we do this for ipv4.

Using a fairly recent linux kernel (, or any other linux
kernel I can get my hands on, the following scripts fails:

ip -f inet6 a add ::2/128 dev eth0 && nc -l ::2 1234
nc: Cannot assign requested address


Basically, we set up an ipv6 address and let nc listen on it.

Introducing a 2 sec. sleep between setting up the interface and
bind()'ing to it, seems to be the only workaround I have found.

Is there somebody here who knows what is going on, or why this is
different from ipv4?

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