How to choose IPv6 addresses for customer links?

Truman Boyes truman at
Wed Feb 4 23:08:14 CET 2009


As noted you can't filter prefixes if you run OSPF with the customer.  
You can always do things like run a totally stubby area or not-so- 
stubby-area with you customer, but it's just a pain and it doesn't  
prevent the customer from sending you LSAs that can grow your LSDB.

If your customer's routes are contained within a specific routing  
context (other than your default routing context, ie. VPN) you can  
decide to run OSPFv3 on your customer links. These routes will not  
affect other routing contexts.

Ideally you will want to run BGP, it scales better for inter-domain  

Truman Boyes

On 5/02/2009, at 3:54 AM, Tore Anderson wrote:

> * Dan White
>> I would think that I could filter ospf6/ripng advertisements based on
>> which interface (customer) i'm receiving them from.
> With OSPF you can't filter prefixes, since it's a link-state routing
> protocol.  At least most implementations I've dealt with does not  
> allow it.
> With RIPv2 you can, though, so I guess you can with RIPng as well.   
> I've used RIP to connect customers that doesn't want the complexity of
> BGP, where I generally just send them a default route, and import
> whatever they send me into OSPF - if it passes my RIP filters, that  
> is.
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