RADIUS/IPv6CP bits and pieces for IPv6 subscriber access

Martin List-Petersen martin at airwire.ie
Thu Oct 23 15:50:23 CEST 2008

Joe Abley wrote:
> Hey,
> Does anybody have any examples of how they are handing out v6 
> addresses to customers using PPPoE?
> I'm working on some config, but I'm not sure of the appropriate 
> conventions. For example, should I be handing out a host address for 
> the customer router as a /128, along with a customer-side /48 (or /64 
> or whatever; I figured we'd just give everybody static /48s for now) 
> which should be routed towards the /128, or something different?
> In case it helps to know, this is using JUNOSe 8.2 on ERX310s for LNS, 
> subscribers see PPPoE, we see L2TP on the LNS, the mysterious cloud in 
> the middle is run by Bell Canada (who use ERXes to switch the 
> tunnels). The subscriber equipment I'm playing with right now is a 
> cisco 2600 with DSL WICs running 12.3(23).

Be aware, that some router and cpe equipment can't handle less than /64 
subnets. I've seen approaches where the /48, /56, /64 has been assigned 
using link-local instead. Not sure, if that'll work over PPPoE, as we 
don't use it in our setup.

Kind regards,
Martin List-Petersen

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