fixed configuration 48 port layer 3 routers

Michael Loftis mloftis at
Fri Nov 7 07:28:57 CET 2008

K.13.25 on a 5406zl has the features.  And the yl and zl run the same 

vlan <n>
ipv6 enable
ipv6 address <>


--On November 7, 2008 1:33:33 AM +0100 Bernhard Schmidt 
<berni at> wrote:

> Hi,
>> Not an endorsement, but it seems the HP Procurve 3500yl-48G-PWR (copy
>> paste model number from their site) might be.  I'm deploying a 5406zl,
>> which is essentially the modular version of that switch.  So far it's
>> going well. We're actively working on an issue with engineering though,
>> but it seems to be isolated to AAA (802.1x or mac-based auth).  Too
>> early to tell there.
>> As for v6, I've not really started to push/test v6 on the switch yet.
> Do you have a beta firmware? The publically available software can only
> be an IPv6 host so far (for management, just like e.g. the Cisco 2960
> L2-Switches) and possibly to MLD snooping, but cannot route it.
> Mike, have a look at Cisco 3560G/3750G (ME6500 for more features, but
> that only has 24 copper + 8 SFP and is more expensive) or Foundry FESX(E).
> Bernhard

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