IPv6 blocks for micro-allocation

Gert Doering gert at space.net
Tue Jun 3 16:08:54 CEST 2008


On Tue, Jun 03, 2008 at 06:22:56PM +0900, kura at iij.ad.jp wrote:
> I have already checked the page, but the filters in the page are a
> little loose for our purpose.
> For example, from the strict filter for IOS, etc. in the page,
> > ipv6 prefix-list ipv6-ebgp-strict permit 2001:0c00::/23 ge 48 le 48
> The above line permits, e.g. 2001:c00:1::/48, 2001:c00:2::/48, ...
> However I think these /48 prefixes should be rejected because
> 2001:c00::/32 is a PA block. In order to accept prefixes of APNIC PI
> only, I think I have to know strictly the block (and prefix range)
> for APNIC PI assignemnts.

I have been told that 2001:c00::/32 *is* the block where APNIC assigns
PI from (and indeed, the "ge /48" might need changing to "ge 44 le 48"
or whatever the policy is).

This might be not correct, and I certainly agree that the UPDATE statements
on the pages really should carry timestamps - a new restructuring of the
page seems to be necessary.

> And I think the information is more important to build such filters
> for JUNOS. The strict filter for JUNOS in the page permits, e.g.
> 2001:df0:2::/48, 2001:df0:3::/48, ... (I believe these prefixes are
> APNIC PI), but the filter rejects, e.g. 2001:c00::/32, 2001:c08::/32, ...
> because these /32 prefixes match the line below,
> > route-filter 2001:0c00::/23 prefix-length-range /48-/48;
> I think the line has to be replaced e.g., with
> "route-filter 2001:df0::/29 prefix-length-range /44-/48". (The range
> is not "/48-/48" because "2001:df0::/47" has been assigned to a site.)

I did not write the JunOS filters -- but every time someone comes up and
says "the JunOS filters do something different than the IOS filters",
usually they are confused about evaluation order in JunOS.

As far as I know, the IOS and JunOS filters should be fully equivalent,
even if written differently - if they are not, please let me know, and
explain why.

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